Metal palisade fencing

A wide variety of Steel security fencing is available, to suit all applications and budgets.

Our most popular style of High-security fencing is the metal Palisade. Available in various styles, with either hot-dipped galvanised or powder-coated steel finishes. Powder-coated finishes are available as standard in a few different colours or coated to order in virtually any paint imaginable.

This style of fencing is ideally suited to Industrial applications where keeping people out is a necessity but works equally as well as a decorative security fence.

For added security, saddle bolts can be used to fix the vertical pales to the horizontal supports to ensure that once fitted, they cannot be removed by vandals or opportunist thieves.

Gates can also be made to match.

We can also supply and install steel bollards, either off the shelf or made to your requirements.

Chain link fencing

Chain Link fencing can be erected on various types of posts, but the basic requirements are the same apart from the need to use different fixings.

These call for firmly and evenly erected solid supports, preferably in concrete and with supporting wires strained as tight as possible.

Chainlink fencing is available in heights from 3ft to 10ft. Hot dip galvanised or green or black PVC coated to give a long, trouble-free life.

A well-proven popular, versatile and easy-to erect fencing suitable for various applications. From a simple boundary marker to a permanent secure fence, there will be a specification of a Chain Link suited to the purpose.

Bespoke metal fencing, gates and balustrades

With the aid of a local specialist metal fabricator, we can also supply wrought iron gates and fencing, barriers, balustrading and other bespoke fencing.

All our security fencing solutions are designed to withstand the harsh environment of outdoor life and are made from affordable but long-lasting, quality materials. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation or just a chat to discuss your requirements.